Chameleon Changes Form

Ribbed Chameleon

When I should have been fast asleep in a post-feast haze on Thanksgiving night last Thursday, I was up late watching the Alan Arkin classic The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming and starting a new Ribbed Mini-Scarf. It turned out to be a welcome change of gears from my other projects, and in two days it was finished.

If the yarn looks familiar, it’s because I frogged Bainbridge Scarf I and used the yarn, Chameleon by Karabella for this my second Ribbed Mini-Scarf. As you may recall, when I made the first Bainbridge Scarf the results weren’t the best, and it was pretty much destined for frogging from the beginning. How satisfying to make something that knits up quickly!  I really like this yarn, too; it’s very soft. The button is a spare button to a cardigan I bought at Target last year. I used a 4 mm circular needle. This pattern is available directly from the designer’s website (click on Ribbed Mini-Scarf above) and as a pattern download through Ravelry.

We did some cleaning around the garden today and I have to show you the size of the leaves off the maples in the adjacent woodland….

They are truly the size of dinner plates (diameter: 10.25″/26 cm), and if I’d thought about it, I could have used them as placemats for Thanksgiving.


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