From here to there.

So, no sooner had I finished Andrea’s Shawl (which I keep calling Amanda’s Shawl, for some reason), than I decided it would be frogged.  Within 24 hours after posting about it and, utilizing the leftover mink yarn I had on hand, I began a new one, Andrea’s Shawl Redux.  I’d figured that rather than out-and-out ripping it out, and being thereby committed to not having my Andrea’s Shawl at all, you know, in case I’d lost my resolve to make a new one, I’d take the conservative approach and start a new one with the leftovers first.  I decided to go as far as I could with leftover yarn, all the while periodically checking with myself on how I felt about the thought of ripping out the first shawl.  I just didn’t like the way the whole first one ended-up:  a bit too small for all my effort and my work on the top edging was just plain disappointing.  The top edging curled because I was too hasty, too sloppy, and my perfectionist tendencies just couldn’t accept it.  Besides, I couldn’t stand the thought of a triangular “shawl” that barely covered my shoulders, so, there you go…  I’ve finished the bottom lace edging of Redux (Phase I of the four parts of the shawl), and have now ripped-out the first attempt.  It was only two week’s worth of knitting time that I’d spent on the first one.  So, here I am with a frogged shawl, and who knows when I’ll get there and finish the new one.  Typical of non-committal me, I still might not complete my second attempt so then I’d be without one altogether, but that’s the journey, isn’t it?