7-into-5 Cluster

Working on Evelyn Clark’s Trellis Scarf (Interweave Knits Magazine, Spring 2006), early on you will come across the 7-into-5 cluster step. Some people dread it and for others it’s not that big of a deal. For me, I misplaced my instructions while out of town and had nothing to go on, so I looked online; that was a mistake, because by reading other’s accounts, it sounded much worse than it really is. In reality, it just amounts to a minor speed bump in the whole project, and if anything, it makes the project more interesting. Although I found the instructions for the cluster hard to visualize, once I understood it, it was easy. As the instructions suggest, I highly recommend using a small crochet hook to accomplish it.

Here are some step-by-step pictures of the 7-into-5 cluster (pictures taken with one hand on the camera!):

1) Insert the crochet hook into the 7 stitches on the left needle.

2) Hook the yarn and pull it through the 7 stitches.

3) Place the new stitch on the right needle while leaving the 7 stitches on the left needle.

4) Make one yarn-over (yo) stitch on the right needle.

5) Place the crochet hook through the 7 stitches again, hook the yarn and pull it through the 7 stitches. Although not pictured, this new stitch is then placed on the right needle, along with the preceding 2 stitches (that’s 1 hooked st and 1 yo st).

6) At this point, it’s just a matter of repeating steps 1-5 until there are 5 new stitches on the right needle (that’s 3 hooked sts and 2 yo sts, alternating), while you still have the original 7 on the left needle.

7) The original 7 sts can be removed from the left needle, and the rest of the pattern chart can be followed. Here is the row with the new 5-sts clusters that replaced the 7-sts.

Trailing Trellis

Trellis Scarf is finally beginning to take shape after a year of trying to get it going. Caught-up with other projects, I had barely started Trellis when it went on hold for the holidays. I had the chance this past week to really get some progress on the pattern and get used to it, and now it’s flowing along nicely. I hit a minor road block though with the one tricky step in: 7-stitches-into-5. I researched it on Ravelry and on a couple of blogs, and really didn’t find much help, but with the help of Lauren at So Much Yarn, I was able understand the maneuver. You really do need a small crochet hook to make it work best and, hopefully, I can post pictures of the process soon, but for now the above picture of the point of intersection will have to serve as an example.

On the home front, we were supposed to go to a friend’s daughter’s wedding today, that is, my son (G-man) and I, since my husband was running the sound system for the wedding and he had to be there an hour ahead, but we never made it because G-man fell into the toilet just as we were getting ready! He was pretty mad as he sat there with his backside in the toilet bowl and his arms and legs sticking out; an indignant look on his face. I had a good laugh, but it soon became obvious that the dress and full make-up (I rarely wear more than mascara, concealer, and lipstick) I was wearing were all for naught as he needed a quick bath. Oh well.