Kinokuniya Addict

What else can you call someone who frequents a primarily Japanese language bookstore despite no comprehension of the language, beyond a few food terms, and who keeps buying Japanese craft books?

On my way to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island for my Janine Bajus workshop I stopped by The Seattle Uwajimaya for a quick bite. Always a bad idea because Kinokuniya is located in the Seattle Uwajimaya. So I’m at the dock waiting for the next boat in the pouring—seriously pouring rain—and I thought I’d share.

I couldn’t resist this book. What cute stuff that I’ll never knit, but inspiring, anyhow.

ISBN 978-4-529-04605-3








I even like the way my book is taped into its bag because it reminds me of how nicely things are often packaged in Japan.

Finally on the ferry… For me, dreary, rainy, misty days like this are perfect days to take a ferry to any island in Puget Sound. Weather like this almost seems like nature’s challenge to those of us who come from other places to live here. You know, like a good ol’ snow storm in Minnesota challenges newcomers. Having lived here for almost 40 years, I guess I’ve lived here long enough to appreciate the rain sometimes.


Sun roof rain puddles.