Stripey footlets

They’re finally done! My stripey footlets are done. I thought I would get them done so long ago, but then we moved and became busy with unpacking and summer activities. It was touch-and-go there a few weeks ago when I finished the first one, and realized that the notes I took for the first one were inaccurate and I had to sort of re-invent the pattern for the second one. Too distracted, I guess. I don’t like the toe shaping, or lack thereof, because it’s very flat, but then, I’ve never made socks without a pattern and from the toe-up. But overall, I’m pleased.

It was my son’s third birthday this past Saturday, and I did a first: actually put-together a party. You see, I’m not much of a planner, and I’m not much into parties, but I wanted to do this for him, and he and his little friends had fun.

I tried not to get totally Martha about the whole party, but I made Chocolate Fudge Cake from New England Cookbook by Eleanor Early (out of print), the fudge frosting failed, since fudge and I rarely see eye-to-eye when it comes to making fudge (i.e., I often mess-up somehow). So I logged onto Martha Stewart’s website and found a super-rich, super chocolaty, super-easy, very nice frosting that worked.

Then, I made this thing that looked better in the pictures in Good Things For Kids magazine (a Martha mag.), and didn’t really deliver on taste or texture:

It’s a bowl of gelatin made to look like a fish bowl, complete with gummy fish swimming in it. The recipe calls for too much gelatin, so it was like eating rubber. It was very easy to make. But then I had to make the strawberry marshmallows (you’d be surprised how easy they are), also in Good Things For Kids, and they were yummy!

I’ll definitely make those again!

Making the bend.

Yesterday was a rough day around here, my son awakened in the morning quite sick with a high temperature. On top of that I couldn’t find the thermometer and we had no juice. Luckily my mom came to the rescue braving a 30-minute drive (on a good day) and bringing a new thermometer, juice and children’s acetaminophen! Thanks, Mom! Unfortunately, he threw-up the juice and the medicine… After three bouts of throw-up and an unexpected bath (not a happy guy), some more rest, things calmed down a bit. He’s been that sick only once before, so it was quite the event around here.

I’ve made the bend on the footlet, and it just might not be all that bad.

I’m actually further along than that now and working on the cuff.

I took the above photo at a my husband’s boss’s weekend house on Hood Canal; we were there for an office fun day and it was such a nice treat. Activities included bocce ball, badminton, water skiing, eating and general lounging; I partook of the last two activities, but also added knitting. We feasted on local clams, Dungeness crab and oysters. Delicious!

While waiting for the ferry to take us home I snapped this photo of Mount Rainier just before sunset. Although frequently visible from Seattle, it’s always a treat to see even when plagued by a blanket of smog, alas.

For me, my summer is not complete if I haven’t been someplace with saltwater, and it’s pictures like the one below that help me through dreary winter rains and skies in shades of gray.

I don’t know what it is, but I breathe better, my worries subside a bit, and I feel replenished when I get away from the city and on the shore of some saltwater beach. Water has that general effect on me, and though lakes can certainly help, but it’s that rhythmic sound of waves combined with the salty air that give me a feeling of renewal.

Footlet progress

Here’s my progress on the footlet of sock yarn leftovers. The yarn is Louet Gems Super Fine merino wool (purple) and Regia Jacquard Color (colorway 5270), both machine washable. I think this is more an experiment than an actual project, since I’ve never made a sock without a pattern, but maybe I’ll actually be able to wear it and even make a mate for it.

Dinner: Pesto Alla Genovese (Pesto Sauce Genoa Style) and Fave All’Abruzzese (Fava Beans Abruzzo Style).

Recipes found in
Food and Memories of Abruzzo: Italy’s Pastoral Land by Anna Teresa Callen.