From Montepulciano with Love

My one big splurge from the trip to Europe in September has finally made it’s debut.

All lavender and lace and cashmere.

Sometimes buying a nice sweater is okay, even if you could’ve made it yourself.  It doesn’t have to be cashmere.

What a treat to wear.

From Del Santo Cashmere, Montepulciano, Italy.

Not a lot of knitting to report on over the past week, although I started my mother’s Christmas present using the yarn she picked-out in Montecatini Terme, Italy.  A simple garter stitch scarf.

I was under the weather all last week with an upset stomach, and then there was that call we got from the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption of our son from South Korea four years ago. Some interesting news (in a good way) that I can’t share yet; just a whole lot of waiting going on around here right now. I hate waiting. I am not a patient person. I guess that’s why I am in this position of waiting right now.

Aside from the interesting news, I’ve been feeling sentimental lately about our son’s adoption.  It was such a joyful time when we finally met the baby whom we’d seen pictures of.  And it’s been nonstop joy and entertainment ever since.

My favorite picture:  aunties sitting on the bed sharing a chuckle with our 6 month old son and waiting for our departure to the airport.

It was also a rather odd time because some of my husband’s family members who live in Seoul showed-up unannounced at the meeting when the foster family handed him to us, and suddenly there was this crowd when it should have been a more intimate event.  Even stranger was that with so many willing hands present, I was unable to actually hold him until they’d all gone home a couple of hours later, and I remember the pain I experienced from that missed opportunity after the initial exchange. I did get to hold him a bit over a few meetings we had during the two weeks prior to the hand-off. Despite that odd day of exchange, it was probably just as well that that we had so many people there because it provided a distraction from any awkwardness of the exchange of our son from his foster family to us (which was really minimal).

Our son is a delightful addition to our family. He is so adorable, I must say, and everyone tells me so. And so smart, it almost scares me; we can’t get anything past him.


One thought on “From Montepulciano with Love

  1. That is a beautiful sweater! It is OK to buy sweaters for yourself. 🙂

    I do remember feeling the same pain of not being able to hold my own child b/c of so many family members around when they were born after my c-sections. That was my one regret with scheduled c-sections – everyone knew when the babies were coming so they were always there waiting to hold the babies and in the process forgetting that I hadn’t had a chance to hold my own babies first.

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