Getting too close for comfort.

With Christmas two weeks away, I’m starting to feel the heat of meeting the big deadline. The Christmas photocard order was placed just a few days ago and won’t arrive until the 15th, which means I’ll be sending cards up through past Christmas. We’ve had the Christmas tree up for 10 days and it has only lights on it. The evergreen tree outside (that so delighted my neighbors when I put white lights and red ornaments on it last year) currently stands unlit with just one set of lights on the top third of it, after throwing my hands up in frustration because I couldn’t reach around the top when I tried decorate it yesterday (you’d think the tree could at least stop growing for once!). All but a few gifts have yet to be determined and no clue in sight, meaning that I’ll probably be wrapping gifts around midnight on Christmas Eve, again. I haven’t ordered the beef tenderloin for our Christmas dinner yet.

On the bright side, I put the Ikea star lights up in the kitchen (my annual fave), at least the inside tree does has lights on it, the stockings are hung on the mantle with care, we have the advent calendars for the kids, and I’ve actually finished knitting a gift for my mom before December 24th!

Pattern: Susie’s Reading Mitts, by Janelle Masters
Yarn: Baby Blatt from Annie Blatt
Needles: 3.75 mm / U.S. 5

The Baby Blatt was leftover from a hat that I made for my son when he was a baby but he never wore because he didn’t like wearing hats.

Baby Hat

[Unfortunately, I can’t find the pattern for the baby hat, but I’m quite certain it’s from Interweave Knits in an issue from about 2001-2004.]

With all the yarn I have stashed around the house, I could have chosen almost anything to use, because I had just 25 grams of Baby Blatt to use. I guess the yarn just spoke to me and I was determined to make mitts for my mother with it. Employing a good kitchen scale and dividing the yarn fairly evenly, the mitts end-up shortened through the cuff, and this should work for her because she doesn’t want something too heavy on the warmth spectrum. That’s one gift down, so many more to go.


Make it striped.

Where does the time go?  I finished the new mittens for my son in time for our mini-Arctic blast last week and never blogged about them. Unfortunately, being a creature of habit, his appreciation of them isn’t what I’d hoped and he doesn’t want to wear them because they’re not his old ones.  I guess I can’t expect all of my knitted pieces to be received with elation.

I was able to get him to wear them to the bus stop one day.

At least I like how they turned-out and if they were bigger, I’d happily wear them myself.

In fact, I might just see if I can eke another pair out of the remaining yarn just for me.

Pattern: Tobie’s Mittens by Holli Yeoh
Yarns: Blue Moon Original Socks That Rock in Blarney Stone colorway
Needles: 2.0 mm / U.S. 0

Random Sample

Fall has been welcomed in our house as refreshing as a breath of fresh air.

I suppose part of that is because it means that my son is off to school full time now and that means that my days are in some ways a bit simpler with one child at home.

Zephyr and I enjoy a break from housework in my son's room while he's at school.

The cool weather and all the changes in the woods and the garden are a relief to see and feel.  Every day we see something different as the change of season is reflected in plants and trees as my son and I walk to his school bus stop.

Somehow it all seems so simple and so glorious at the same time.

With my son off to school I’ve started some new mittens for him.  The pattern is Tobie’s Mittens by local designer Holli Yeoh.  He’s been begging me to make him a pair and I hate to say it, but I’ve hesitated because he’s lost a few things at school, which I was prepared for, but most notably his Lightening McQueen lunchbag.  Fear not, the lunchbag  showed-up 3 weeks later with all of its moldy, putrid lunch inside.  However, with our walks to the bus stop becoming chilly, I can no longer ignore his request.

It took me a while to get them started because despite all the yarn in my stash, I have very little machine washable fingering leftovers to choose from.  I ended-up using some leftover Original Socks That Rock I’ve had for ages, and which feels a bit thick for this project, but what the heck, his hands will be toasty.