This is so annoying!

Don’t you hate it when this happens? There you are, with a project in mind, and don’t you think the yarn could at least cooperate? Ugh!

This happened while trying to do a test swatch with a previously unused skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, and this what I get when I tried to pull from the inside of the skein. No reflection on the yarn. Grrr…I hate it when this happens!

It’s downhill from here…

Now past the half-way point for Shawl Neck Cardigan I am pleased that I have gotten this far along. Honestly, I thought I was going to frog it as I did much earlier on back in January. I haven’t been enjoying the process here, not at all. I get kind of turned-off by projects that have instructions that read like this: “repeat this step 11 times every 4th row and at the same time repeat that other step 20 times every other row.” I think this is mostly because if I’m really lucky, I have a short amount of knitting time available every day, and projects like this seem to be ones where I lose track of where I’m at, and I begin to dread the how the project is going to turn out, and then it’s like, Why bother? It probably isn’t going to look very good. Despite this, though, it looks promising, but here I am at the part with the odd number of steps to keep track of and do it in mirror image of the other half of the cardigan and I hear the voices of procrastination and negativity whispering to me, “Give up! It will never work!” Having gone this far though, it’s unlikely I’ll abandon the project completely. At least, I think so.

Last week we celebrated my son’s 5th birthday and somehow I got it all together on very little preparation and shopping time and it was a success. Of course, it was the complete opposite of last year, when he didn’t get much of a celebration on his actual day because we were in Geneva, Switzerland, and I ended-up throwing together a belated party a few weeks later after we got home.

Personally, I’d like to be in Switzerland right now. And if I could find a good spa there where I could veg and have someone rub my feet and my shoulders 24/7, while eating chocolates from Tristan of Bougy-Villars (Switzerland), I would be quite happy.  I can see that hillside that Tristan is located on, sloping down to Lake Geneva and the fall sun warming the grapes on the vines.

Ah. That was was a nice mental break.