A close call.

I discovered Twist Collective over the weekend and caught wind of Sylvi in the process.  If you don’t know if you know Sylvi yet, and if you like cables and cool looking coats, Sylvi might just fit the bill for you.  I came really close to ordering the yarn and the pattern within hours of meeting Sylvi, which would have caused me to throw my other projects aside.  So fickle.  So typical. I can’t bear to look at the picture, really, because every time I do, my heart rate goes up, and well…. I guess it’s what some people go through when they look at some heartthrob of the moment, like Brad Pitt or someone. For me, it’s knitting that does that. Okay, well, Robert Redford in the 1970s or Mel Gibson in the 1980s did do that for me back in the day. You get the picture.

My son and I were in a minor car accident last week. Lots of fun with insurance companies and the lot. Other driver accepts full responsibility. We’re fine other than a bump and a small cut to my son’s head. Luckily the guy doing surveying work in the middle of the road didn’t get hit. Whew!

I’ve been enjoying this mammoth, nearly 2-pound box of Godiva that miraculously recently arrived at my door as if in answer to my prayers, “I need chocolate.” While, by no means the quality it was once was, Godiva still falls in the category of chocolate; it’ll do, especially during these crazy days of the car accident, contentious 30th high school reunion planning committee meetings, and holiday meal preparation. Everytime I look at Sylvi, I take a piece of chocolate. Zephyr has the best perspective on how to deal with stress: just kick back and role on the floor.

To make things even sweeter, my neighbor just gave me this beautiful necklace for taking care of her houseplant while she was away.  How pretty!  No?


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