Bainbridge Scarf 2

For a while now I’ve noticed that there have been a number of searches for Bainbridge Scarf resulting in people finding my blog, so here’s my second Bainbridge Scarf attempt; it actually turned-out better than the first (which is destined to be the frogged).This version was made using one skein of Cascade Sierra on US 1.5/2 mm needles. The 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool content produced a much better result.I’m away at a remote location this weekend and moblogging isn’t going well, so that’s it for now.

Quick and easy: Bainbridge Scarf

Visiting Knitter’s Block blog the other day, I saw that Niina had recently posted her completed Bainbridge Scarf; I was instantly smitten with the project. I mean, it’s small, practical and different. What’s not to like about that? So I followed Niina’s link to pepperknit blog and found the free pattern. I used a super soft, luscious ball of Chameleon (70% Extrafine Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere) by Karabella Yarns bought during a recent visit to Village Yarn & Tea. I think the Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton yarn the pattern designer used is perhaps better suited for the project, since the scarf made with Chameleon keeps coming undone when I wear it. Maybe it needs the firmness that cotton provides, along with the stickiness of wool to hold it in place; the softness of Chameleon is just a bit too sloppy for the way the scarf works. However, the project is very easy, probably took 6 hours to make, and is great for some last minute gifts.

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a nice one, and that the turkey wasn’t too dry. Ours turned out great, if I must say so, but we’ve used a really great recipe for three years now, and the turkey comes out to perfection and draws rave reviews from our guests every time. I decided to do something different this year and added some Korean side dishes to suit the tastes of my in-laws, so I ran out to a local Korean market and loaded-up on a variety.

I actually enjoyed the strange concoction of the kimchee as it socialized in my mouth with sweet potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce; all washed down with a nice South African Cabernet Sauvignon.

We almost forgot to get a picture of the turkey, so we caught the side that hadn’t been carved yet.