Ascot what your country can do for you….

My first finished project of 2007 is “Marvelous Mitered Ascot” from the November 27 and 28 entries for the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar 2006 and designed by Hand Jive Knits. I enjoy knitting and wearing scarves, not to mention making them (!), but as the mother of a toddler I find normal scarves get in the way, so this project fit my needs for something warm and practical and less cumbersome. I used Louet Gems Fingering in burgundy and navy. The yarn pilled a lot, although that’s probably because I frogged the project a few times as I found the pattern a bit tricky to follow. The first photo shows it lying flat, and what you can’t see is the unique way it’s worn, with a keyhole towards each end through which either end is inserted; the keyhole looks like a knot when worn. Even though I had trouble understanding the pattern I liked the challenge, as well as the final product, and will probably make another before the year is out, maybe sooner if don’t get distracted by other projects.

Marvelous Mitered Ascot

Wearing M.M.A.

How M.M.A. looks under a coat

Meanwhile, I hope to finish a cardigan for my son, G, before it’s too warm too wear it and/or before he outgrows it. It was meant to be done by early December, but “other projects” got in the way. I am knitting it in the round from the bottom-up and I had worked as far as shaping the yoke with the sleeves attached, but having only recently resumed the project I found that his torso lengthened 2″, so I ended-up frogging it (the cardigan, that is) to underneath his arms and adding length. There is no pattern for this and I am basing it on the percentage system covered in Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. The stitch pattern is from a book I bought at Kinokuniya Tokyo called Knitting Patterns 300 (ISBN 4-52902071-1), which except for that part of the title, is written in Japanese, with the 300 stitch patterns presented in chart form. I like this stitch pattern because it reminds me of sailboats and seems like a good pattern for a little boy to wear. Hopefully he’ll get to wear it!

Stitch gauge for toddler cardigan