Lili’s Nantucket

Lili’s Nantucket is done and it went pretty smoothly after ripping it out after having knitted about 7″ and then switching to a smaller sweater size. In the above photo, on the wall behind me is an actual watercolor of Nantucket from the early 1960s when I lived there as a small child. It wasn’t planned that the painting be incorporated into the picture, but it’s ironic that it got in there.

In making the smaller size, but needing a little extra, ahem, through the bust-line, I added 8 stitches in both the front and back, while the waistline was kept at the original smaller size. I also added about an inch to the sleeve length, but I wish I’d added about that much to the length of the sweater. When it was all done, I tried it on and it was too snug. However, after having washed and blocked it, it’s now too loose all around (even in the waist). I’m glad I didn’t make the bigger size; must be something about the yarn. The buttons are glass buttons from the 1920s that I bought at an outdoor market in Piccadilly in London when I was there in 1995; I bought 6 for £4.

Pattern: Nantucket Jacket by Norah Gaughan, Interweave Knits, Winter 2006
Yarn: Knitaly (discontinued) by Lane Borgosesia
Needles: 4.0 mm/US 6

It was altogether an enjoyable knit, it went quite smoothly, and the yarn helped make it enjoyable—lovely stuff.


Lili’s Nantucket Jacket is nearing conclusion and I look forward to adding it to my wardrobe.  While green tweed is not a colorway I might have selected for the project if I’d bought the yarn today, being close at hand from my stash it was the ideal candidate, and the tweed is subtle enough that it’s barely noticeable.  It turns out that I love this yarn. Knitaly (Ravelry link) by Lane Borgosesia has a durable feel to it and a wonderful softness at the same time.  So why was it discontinued? Beats me.

Dinner last night was risotto with prosciutto and peas, which is always a big hit with my son, but not so hot with his visiting playmate.

I used the recipe, Simple Risotto with Prosciutto and Peas from Real Simple magazine, the September 2006 issue, in which there was section on 6 basic recipes with enough changes to get 30 different meals out of. This risotto recipe is fantastic and amazingly easy. It never comes out soupy, dry, or mushy, but al dente as it should be.

Color me green.

Nantucket Jacket is progressing nicely now that I’ve determined where to put additional stitches in the pattern so that I end up with a size between the finished sized of 36″ and the 41″.  Unblocked, you can’t really tell I’ve added 8 sts into the bust shaping on the back, so as I start the left and right fronts simultaneously, I’m hopeful it will turn out decently.  Besides, I really like this yarn (Lane Borgosesia Knitaly wool from my stash), and it’s too bad I never really appreciated it before, because it’s discontinued.

I’ve dubbed the project “Lili’s Nantucket” after yours truly.  Lili (pronounced lee-lee) was one of the terms of endearment my mother called me by back when I was quite small, when we lived on Nantucket Island. I would love to go back to Nantucket someday, but on the other hand, maybe not. When I lived there, it probably had a winter population of about 200 people, and it was a sleepy little place where life was quite simple, and if anyone told you that someday there’d be houses priced well into seven figures located there, you’d probably laugh. So, instead, I’ll knit a sweater and remember Lili’s Nantucket.