My knitting world is shrinking.

I was recently surprised when I opened my email to find a message from Hilltop Yarn East announcing the closing of its doors on June 27.  With the closing of this store, the only dedicated Eastside yarn stores I know of are Cultured Purls in Issaquah (which oddly doesn’t show up on Google Maps on my iPhone) and Main Street Yarn in Mill Creek.  Of course, there are still craft stores in the area with sizable yarn departments, most notably Ben Franklin Crafts & Frames in Redmond and Pacific Fabric & Crafts in Bellevue. On the other hand, with the demise of numerous knitting-related blogs over the past year, I’m beginning to think that perhaps the crazy phenomenon of the explosion of new knitters and interest in things knitting-related over the past decade is winding down, and that maybe it was a fantastic fad.  I rather cringe to call my beloved hobby of 25 years a fad, but it’s been a great ride. I’m here, though, still actively knitting, perusing Ravelry, salivating over the latest and greatest patterns, and blogging to a silent blogosphere.

On that point, let’s look at my latest finished project —

Frost Diamonds was a nice project, and it went pretty quickly, but then with worsted yarn it should be quick. Right?

The pattern went along well, with only a couple of confusing mess-ups.

I think I should have done three repeats of Chart B, because with the weight of the yarn, it almost seems to need to be a bigger shawl.  I have enough yarn, but not enough motivation, and will leave it alone.

I know I’ve made a lot of purple stuff, but this really isn’t purple, it’s a deep burgundy. Which I guess is kind of a purple….

Pattern Frost Diamonds, by Stephanie Japel
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, “Gothic Rose” colorway
Needles: 6.5 mm/U.S. 10.5


Diamonds In The Rough

Finding it hard to resist starting a new project, I’ve launched Frost Diamonds by Stefanie Japel.  Using Dream In Color Classy in Gothic Rose, I’ve dubbed the project Rose Diamonds. One week into it, it’s progressing rapidly.  What’s not to like about a fast-moving project?

Lest you think I’ve started yet another project in purple, fear not, it is not purple, but rather it’s predominantly a deep, dark burgundy.

On the domestic front, I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’m getting all sorts of things done. Our paper towel roll holder fell down from where it was affixed, or so I thought, to the inside of a cabinet, and paper towel roll was lolling about on the countertop, making itself a nuisance by generally adding to counter clutter. We have those MDF-type cabinets that are so common in newer homes now, and it’s nothing more than a wood fiber cardboard. I detest the stuff because if it gets wet, it swells and anything that is drilled into it is bound to come out. This is the second time this paper towel holder came off, and after thinking about for a few weeks, I came up with this solution: affix the paper towel holder to a piece of wood and, in turn, affix that to the cabinet with four screws.

I think that will hold it.

Other projects at home have included new towels (red) for one bathroom from Target; hanging things on the kitchen wall that I can’t find cabinet space for, like the wok and the pizza stone; getting a wicker-style seat-cushion storage chest for the deck, on sale at Target; and just general, all-around tidying and where there was once clutter. If I keep it up, our home might actually look like a place to relax in, and that would be nice.