I have a new job title….

When I became a mom, no one ever told me that I would also be a mystery-sleuth, but I’m here to tell any prospective parents out there that you too will become another Sherlock Holmes. My 6-year old son has a Lightening McQueen/Cars lunchbox that I thought might be highly coveted by classmates, but then I reasoned that it is a few years old and the movie has lost its fascination among that age group, so I thought we’d use it. I has gone missing from his school 3 times previously since September, only to reappear weeks later, often smelling of rotten leftover lunch. The third time we thought it was gone for good, until it miraculously reappeared at the end of the week last week.

So I put it back in commission today and by the end of the day had disappeared again. I’ve come to the conclusion that some fishy is going on, because this just seems too obvious since the plain, nondescript blue one we use as a stand in, never disappears like the Lightening McQueen one.

So I sat down and asked my son YM, some questions and this is what I’ve sleuthed together after I asked him if anyone in his class particularly likes his lunchbox:
1) David likes it.
2) David puts YM’s lunchbox on the top of the pile of lunchboxes in the lunchbox basket at the end of lunch [all the kindergartners in one classroom’s lunchboxes get piled into a laundry basket so that they all get to the lunchroom and back to the classroom with the students—5th grade student carry the baskets]; YM said that David does this every time it goes missing.
3) I told YM not to let David put his lunchbox in the basket and reminded YM that it’s his responsibility to take care of his own lunchbox. YM maintains that David takes it when YM is not looking and puts it in the lunchbox basket at the top of the pile.
4) I asked YM what happens once the basket is placed back in the classroom and he says David takes the lunchbox and hides it somewhere in the classroom; he says this has happened every time it’s gone missing. I asked YM if he actually sees David hide it and he said no, but that he “hears” him doing it [don’t ask me how this works and how YM knows it’s getting hidden, as it doesn’t make sense to me]. I asked YM that if he knows it’s getting hidden, then why doesn’t he go get it, and he says it’s because David hides it so well that YM doesn’t know where it is.

This would all sound pretty far-fetched except for the fact that:
a) the lunchbox never shows up in the lost and found; and
b) it disappears for long periods of time and then miraculously appears, sometimes showing up outside the classroom in the morning before the teacher gets there (as it did last week), thereby suggesting that someone who cleans the room or wherever it’s hidden, like the cleaning staff, finds it.

Now, of course, hopefully a search of the classroom tomorrow and a cross-examination of the two boys will reveal the location of the lunchbox and hopefully put an end to this monkey business with the lunchbox. I’m just relieved that my son hasn’t just been losing it that often. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Just call me Sherlock Holmes.


One thought on “I have a new job title….

  1. Very funny about the missing lunch box 🙂 I’m sure you’ll break the case soon….you are a great detective 🙂 It always drove me crazy, too, when my boys would lose something. Most of the time the item was gone forever (like my baby’s HS freshman – missing graphing calculator)..but occasionally (rarely) the item would turn up eventually. Good luck 🙂

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