Breaking My Mid-Winter Blues

With our oldest child in kindergarten, we still haven’t gotten into the swing of planning-out trips to coincide with school breaks and it was only a week ago that I learned we have Mid-Winter Break this week (well, I’ve had a bit on my mind with my husband Alex and I fighting the crud-that-wouldn’t-end, or I guess it’s the flu, for weeks now).  With this crud stuff having knocked me down, along with a host of other issues, including an adrenal gland that’s down for the count, I have not been looking forward to this break—I mean, what to do with two kids who have nothing better to do than fight over the shopping cart at Whole Foods?  Although, I admit it’s damn sure nice not to have to wake up in the wee hours to play drill sargent to a sleepy six-year old so that we can hike the quarter-mile walk uphill in chilly torrential rain to catch the school bus every morning.  But when it comes to the showdown at Whole Foods today—there was screaming involved and it wasn’t I—even sleeping-in an hour doesn’t make it worth it.  However—

On the bright side, I had a great delivery arrive on my front doorstep during my darkest hour, and for a moment I heard the angels sing.  It was my very own copy of Ami Ami Dogs:  Seriously Cute Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi fully and gloriously translated into English!  What a way to brighten my day.

Thank you, Harper Collins for getting on the ball and for catching-on to a trend and translating a Japanese craft book in its entirety and doing it justice, right down to the softcover and the great photos, just as Hello, My Name is Amineko was translated and published by Creative Publishing International in 2010.

Front cover flap.

Instructive photos.

Same pattern instructions and graphics.

Not sure if you want buy the book?  Visit Harper Collins web page for this book, click on “Extras” and download free instructions to make your very own mini-Welsh Corgi.

I’m looking forward to buying a translated copy of another of Mistuki Hoshi’s books Ami Ami Dogs 2:  More Seriously Cute Crochet set for release in August 2011, the Japanese version of which I’ve seen in Kinokuniya and it has even more cute dogs to crochet.


2 thoughts on “Breaking My Mid-Winter Blues

  1. I didn’t know they have started publishing translations of the Japanese books …very good! I have always loved looking at the patterns on line in Japanese, but have not tried them yet Those dogs are soooo cute. I’m sure your little ones will love them…so much better than beanie babies. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your creations….can’t wait 🙂

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