Another Scarf

I actually finished this weeks ago, but forgot to post about it. I started it June 2009 and got so bored with the slow pace of the stitch pattern, that I put it down and forgot about.  I rediscovered it this fall and finished it when I realized that I can’t comfortably wear many of my wool scarves anymore.  This has turned-out to be the softest one I have.

One might say it’s a dream to wear.

Pattern: Cashmere Neckwarmer, by Sarah Keller
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Caribeno 474
Needles: 4.5 mm / U.S. 7

It was finished in time for the pre-Thanksgiving mini-Arctic Blast we’re having. It’s been snowing all day, and actually sticking.

I love the symmetry revealed in nature  when everything get’s covered in white stuff.

And interesting patterns appear where there didn’t seem to be any before.

The trees seem to stand taller.

And suddenly a sad blueberry bush loosing it’s leaves enjoys a final moment of glory when it’s red leaves are dusted with snow.

My So-Called Scarf saw some snow today, too.  The two scarves have very similar appearances, by the way, but the stitch patterns are different.


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