Just when you thought a lowly thumbtack was so boring and obsolete….

Sorting through a bunch of junk, I recently found this thumbtack that I crocheted a cover for when I was a teenager. Crazy. Who would think to do such a thing? Well, I would, I guess.

I’m pretty sure it’s the only thumbtack cover I crocheted, and probably the last, and for good reason. My inspiration behind doing this, no doubt, had something to do with my double-jointed fingers, specifically my thumbs, which made pushing thumbtacks into the dense wallboards (we didn’t have drywall) of our 1914 craftsman house to post pictures a very painful affair.  The diameter of the thumbtack head is 3/8″ (1 cm).  DMC Dentelles Coton, Color 109 (rainbow), about 2 yds. used of 109 yard-ball of cotton thread.


One thought on “Crazy

  1. I must say it’s the first thumb tack cover I have seen. I doubt I would ever have thought to cover a thumb tack, but now that I have seen one…I think it’s a very cute idea…oh the possibilities 😉

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