New Eastside yarn store!

A few weeks ago while driving through Kirkland with my sister, she blurted out, “Yarn store.”

“Very funny, ” I muttered, figuring she was making a joke about my obsession with all things knitting.

“No, really!” she insisted.

“Oh, come on.” I grumbled.

“Really, there’s a yarn store back there—”

I pulled over and did a map search on my iPhone, and sure enough: a yarn store in Kirkland. Not wasting a moment, turned the car around and went back to investigate.

I have since visited Serial Knitters and it offers a good range of yarn and notions for all your fiber-crafting needs, and it’s great to know that all of us lost Eastside fiber enthusiasts have a place to hang-out again. Please visit Serial Knitters at 8427 122nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033 and give them a warm welcome.

As for knitting projects, I’ve been working on Kokopelli by Margaret Hubert from Simple Style, using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in light blue (stash yarn), which I started in July and put aside while I finished Oriel Lace Cardigan. I’ve finished the back and am halfway up the two fronts.


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