Knitter’s Dilemma

Abrazo has been properly wet-blocked on my blocking squares and as you can see, it’s a vast improvement.

When I finished this Abrazo and wore it, I was faced with the dilemma that so many other handcrafters find themselves in, and that is that someone asked me to make one for her for payment.  Thankfully, I told her that due to copyright (whew!) I can’t receive payment for knitting things from other people’s patterns (other than the cost of the yarn).   I say “thankfully” because in theory, if I were to make it for payment, I would then have others asking me in short order, as this friend is part of a vast network in my church.  I would prefer to not become a knitting machine for people, cranking-out all the knitterly goods they request, but the fact is that if not kept in check, I could end-up doing just that.  Ugh!  The thought gives me chills.  I figure it’s easier to ask someone to make something for payment, than it is to ask for cost.  No, I will let the subject drop, and hopefully, she won’t pursue it further.  However, I will consider making one as a gift for her using some yarn in my stash at some point.  That should be okay, don’t you think?  I think that it’s less likely that others would follow suit and ask me to make something as a gift, since I think it’s even harder to ask someone to knit something as an out-and-out gift.  Right?  In the meantime, unfortunately it has caused me to think twice before wearing anything knitted out of the house.  I guess I’d just better get over it, because I like knitting things I can wear, and with the very typical cold, wet spring weather we’re having around here, knitted wear is a must.


2 thoughts on “Knitter’s Dilemma

  1. How long did it take you to make that gorgeous thing? If you charged $10 an hour how much would that be? That is the price I would quote for anyone wanting you to knit for them.

    I get people asking me to knit them socks all the time. When I tell them that they cost about $200 a pair, I never get asked again!
    And yes, I often end up gifting the items, or bartering for something like music lessons, or massage.

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