Mom Loves Hugs

I finished Abrazo (Spanish for hug) at the eleventh-hour and was able to give it to my mother when I took her to the airport this morning.  At this writing, it is with her somewhere over England on the flight to Turkey.  She was delighted, and she gasped when she saw it, which I found oddly embarrassing.  Embarrassing, because it seemed funny to have someone gasp over something that was so easy.  I’m just relieved to have it done in time.

I put in the last few rows yesterday, washed it last night and steam-blocked this morning just minutes before taking her to the airport.  I steam-blocked it because my handy interlocking carpet squares that I’d bought at Daiso Japan (Japanese $1.50-store) have disappeared (at the hands of my dear, fastidious husband, no doubt), so I was up late last night creeping around all the closets and such while everyone else slept, looking for the blasted things, but came up empty-handed, and right when I needed them most. They’re around here somewhere.  Steam-blocking worked fine, though.

As I went over a given section, I used a T-pin to pull each point under the iron and steam it into place so that it would remain pointed.

I managed to snap a few photos before it was unceremoniously rolled up and thrust into my purse on the way out the door.

I thought it was a good idea to take time to photograph it, because last time she went overseas, the fingerless gloves I’d made for her mysteriously disappeared while she slept on the flight.  This time she swore up and down that it would stay in her purse (in a plastic bag) during the flight.  It never hurts to take a few photos, just in case.

Pattern: Abrazo by Susanna IC in Twist Collective Spring 2010
Yarn: Lace Solids by Misti Alpaca (one skein, colorway 9311)
Needles: 0.5 mm/ US 8

The pattern is easy and well-written, the only thing I did different was that I used a very loose long-tail cast-on.  The yarn is nice and soft, but so soft it gets tangled on itself easily.  My lesson learned about Misti Alpaca lace-weight?  Do not attempt to pull from the inside of the skein, because it comes out in one big massive snarl (yarn vomit) and continues to get tangled as the project progresses.  It would be good for me to remember this because I have one skein of this colorway and two of another in my stash.  I didn’t make a stitch gauge, but I suppose I could have gone down a needle size or two, because it looks a bit looser than I’d like.


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