If there’s yarn on Kaua’i, I’ll find it.

We’ve gone to Kaua’i for vacation, and we’ve taken some day trips around the island. We’re staying in Po’ipu at the South Shore, and drove up to the North Shore to Hanalei one day where I visited the only local yarn store on the island (not counting the Ben Franklin Crafts in Lihu’e). Hanalei Music’s Strings-Things is a small store of about 400 sq. ft. (located at 5-5190 Kuhio Highway, Hanalei, HI 96714, phone 808-826-9633)  and is split into two sections, a music store specializing in ukuleles and a yarn store. Most of the yarns carried are typical brands found in most U.S. stores, among which is Trendsetter and Plymouth. I sought the locally produced yarn, Kaua’i Botanicals, and opted for two skeins of a fingering weight in yellow, beige and white, comprised of bamboo, silk and merino, hand-dyed with ginger root and hibiscus blossoms. Yeah, yeah, I know I don’t need any more yarn, but come on, I’m in Hawaii, and there was a yarn store….

(This picture was taken using the free iPhone and iPad app. combo of Camera A – Camera B. With Camera B the iPhone camera is used to take the photo and then sends the image wirelessly via Camera A on the iPad and is added to the iPad’s photo album. It’s a great way of getting around the fact that iPad lacks a camera, although it’s a rather sketchy app set-up in it’s current format, but when it works, it’s not bad.)


One thought on “If there’s yarn on Kaua’i, I’ll find it.

  1. Well of course, a musical yarn store! I don’t imagine there’s a lot of knitting going on in Hawaii, but I know at least one blogger there who knits wonderful mittens…that she sends to friends in colder climes.

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