Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and in keeping with what seems to be a trend, I finished Shawl Neck Cardigan, making it my 5th cardigan for 2009, and making it my 10th and final finished object for 2009. The number of finished items is something close to phenomenal for me, considering how little available time I have knit in a typical day. Posting about it has been delayed by a nasty cold that has held us all captive since December 27, causing us to ring in the new year so differently than I’d thought.

(There's style: I'm standing in front of in front of the shower curtain in the bathroom.)

There were times when I thought I’d never finish it.

(It's my IKEA shower curtain.)

Apparently my stitch gauge went off while knitting it. This became evident when I discovered that the side seams didn’t match-up properly with the waistband piece. This was most obvious when I put it on and the side seams were too far forward. The thought occurred to me that this is a flaw that most people wouldn’t notice, especially with dark yarn and on a garment with a lot of drape. But I quickly set about undoing part of the seams and re-sewing them so that everything looks as it should. It looks fine.

Having worked on it in minute increments, I’m happy it’s done much sooner than I’d thought. Back when I started my second attempt on it last July, I thought I’d have it done 2 months later.  But then we got the call to get our daughter in South Korea, life got more busy, knitting schedules fell to the wayside, and I thought I would lucky to have it done by March 2010.

The yarn, Elann’s Peruvian Quechua, is very nice, maybe splitting a bit, and the tencel gives it a silky feel and a lot of drape, while the alpaca makes it soft. I used almost all 12 skeins of it (for medium size cardigan), with only 25 grams left; that’s cutting it too close for my comfort. Of course, it probably wouldn’t be so close if my gauge hadn’t loosened-up so much.

Pattern: #14 Shawl Neck Cardigan by Vladimir Teriokhin (Knit.1, Winter 2007)
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Quechua (65% alpaca, 35% tencel)
Needle: 3.25 mm/U.S. 3

The only thing I changed in the design was that I added a 4th button.

Don't know where I bought these pretty purple buttons....


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