Math is not my forte.

With a 2-week hiatus from Shawl Neck Cardigan to work on Randall Herringbone Scarf for my husband for Christmas, I’ve resumed work on it and the end is truly within grasp.  If only I can get a window of just a couple of hours, Shawl Neck would be done.  Maybe tonight, maybe not.  The scary thing is that I have only 45 grams left of Elann Peruvian Quechua for it, which I found out after launching a search of the usual places I stow yarn and came up with numerous stitch gauge swatches and weighed them.  I think it will be enough, but it’s really hard to say.  I could attempt some sort of math, but my math may have failed me when I calculated the yardage for it in the first place, so why rely on it now?

Back seam, before work on collar last week.

Last week my husband sent me off for a couple of nights at the Bellevue Westin, just me and my knitting, and I had a great time getting a lot done on Shawl Neck.

Mt. Rainier (left) on Christmas Eve morning from Bellevue Westin.

Not only did I work on Shawl Neck, but I brought three store-bought sweaters that needed mending, because lately I’d become rather heavy-handed in how I took the sweaters off and they’d all had the left armpit ripped.

Those darn ripped sweaters!

So, stay tuned, you should be seeing a post about another finished object soon!


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