Inching along.

I think the speed with which Vine Lace Cardigan progressed must have inspired me, because as soon as that was done I hopped right back onto Shawl Neck Cardigan, a project that at times has seemed as if it would never end.  It’s amazing to me that given the interesting twists and turns that Vine Lace pattern has, and despite its size (it’s really a jacket), and helped by the fact that it was made with bulky yarn on big needles, I didn’t get bored.  Whereas, Shawl Neck has seemed to inch along.  No matter.  Truth be told, with Vine Lace I became the almost a monogamist knitter, spending the bulk of my knitting time on it, and since then Shawl Neck had been coming along with the same degree of dedication and I’ve finished the two halves and am at 28″ of the 36″ required for the waistband (pictured above).  That is, until this ungodly cold snap hit our area, and as of yesterday I’m splitting knitting time between Shawl Neck (I save it for knitting at long red lights—we have tons of those around here—or for knitting when my husband drives) and a scarf for my husband (Randall Herringbone Scarf), who is in desperate need of some warmth.  So much for my flirtation with monogamy-knitting.

Randall Herringbone Scarf

How cold is it? Outdoor cat water dish on ice.


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