How do I spell relief? Vine Lace Cardigan

It’s about time for me to decide what I’m going to make for dinner tonight, and as is typical, what am I thinking about instead? Knitting. I suppose it’s a delay tactic to think of something fun rather than something mundane. Whatever.

Vine Lace Cardigan (Ravelry) is progressing at a fast clip. How refreshing it is to have something that I can actually see take shape with minimal effort and time. There were some times at the beginning when I thought it was going to be another Cabled Coat experience, because I had to start over a couple of times after I realized I was doing something wrong, but once it got going for real, Vine Lace has become a breeze. Mind you, at 12 pages long, even though the pattern is quite thorough, it’s quite easy once you get your bearings. I don’t think it is for the novice knitter, unless the novice is able to get some help from time to time to get back on course. The pattern is mostly stockinette stitch, with very basic lace panels, so that’s not a problem, but the instructions require close attention because they are quite detailed, and necessarily so. But what a great project, and I have fallen in love all over again with Lamb’s Pride Bulky; it’s just so squishy and warm. Worked from the top down, I’ve finished the sleeves and am now on the waist. I seem to be on schedule, if you could call it that, to finish within my projected window for completion (3-4 weeks), so if it’s not done by the end of this week, it should be done by the end of next.

Knitting Vine Lace has mostly been accomplished while catching-up on all of this season’s episodes of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. We’ve watched Seasons 5 & 6 previously, and for some reason, we never watched Season 7 and even deleted it off of our Tivo, having never found the time to do catch-up viewing. We’d missed watching all of this seasons episodes, but kept them on the Tivo and we’ve been watching 1-2 episodes at a sitting, time permitting, after the kids are asleep. I have really become quite a fan and when my husband reminds me that it’s past my bedtime, the protest he hears from me is not, “One more row of knitting!”, but “Just one more dance! One more dance!  I’ve got to have one more dance!” I have become a DWTS addict, my friends. Despite all that glitter and spray tan, despite how ABC is using it in excess as a vehicle to promote it’s other TV shows and its recording artists, and despite that I haven’t a clue who many of the celebrity competitors are, it’s a great show. I just love the way the celebrities come on the show and really try their best to accomplish something that has very little to do with their real “day” job. There seems to be little room in the competition for big celebrity egos, because they are worked so hard to learn the dances and compete. It’s unusual for me to watch reality-type shows, but this one is well worth it.


One thought on “How do I spell relief? Vine Lace Cardigan

  1. That is going to be gorgeous! I’ve only watched DWTS a couple times but I love love love SYTYCD! I see that some of the alumni from SYTYCD are now on DWTS – I might have to watch just so I can watch them!

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