It’s shiny and red and it’s bigger than a bread box…

It’s my new Toyota Prius!  Yay!  Having finally sold our old house*, we decided that it was time to become a two-Prius household.  With No. 2 child due to arrive this summer, we wanted a car that offered better storage space than the old Prius (which we’ve had for 7 years) and yet was more practical than my in-law’s old Infiniti I30.  We thought that SUVs and minivans weren’t called for with two kids, yet (whew!), and I wanted a VW.  Nay, what I really wanted was a Peugeot 307 like we drove in around France and western Switzerland last fall, but Peugeot doesn’t have a dealer in the U.S. and, besides, European car manufacturers don’t have hybrids.  Still, we seriously considered a diesel VW Jetta wagon, but, I still could not stand the thought of our second car not being a hybrid. And hybrid SUVs just sound like an oxymoron to me, besides, I’m pretty anti-SUV (apologies to those of you who like them), and there are a number of sedan hybrids out there, but we really liked the Prius design, flexibility (fold-down backseat) and it’s techy side.  Techy?  I can voice-command my iPhone, not unusual for many new cars, but it also has voice-command navigation system, and a solar panel in the roof that when activated can keep your car at the same temp as outside while it’s parked and you’re not in it. So on a scalding hot day when you sweat your way across the scalding hot tarmac to your car, you don’t also sweat another gallon of body fluids because you’re sitting in a car that is 200° F that takes what seems like an eternity to cool down to something more comfortable. AND I don’t have one more reason for my son to refuse to get in the car “because it’s too hot.” My son YM runs on the warm side and pretty much likes to dress cooler than most kids; this is the same 4 year old who, while walking on a chilly, windy, rainy fall day in Paris, turned heads because he refused to put a jacket on. We’d been waiting for more than a month for the car to come in, and it was looking like next week, but we got the surprise call last night telling us it was ready for us to take it home today!  I love the red.  Love, love, love it.

Happy Fourth of July!

*Note: We’d put it on the market 2 years ago after we moved into our current one just when everything went bust, and rented it out for over a year. We put it back on the market in January, priced it to sell, and still came out a bit ahead. It wasn’t easy though and there were a few heart-stopping moments when it didn’t look like it was going to go through, and it took about 2 months to close.


2 thoughts on “It’s shiny and red and it’s bigger than a bread box…

  1. Congratulations on the new car!! I did not know that there were any cars out there that could regulate the temperature like that. I guess it’s not a surprise to you that I’m driving an older car 😉

    Hope your colonoscopy went well. Yes – the prep is the worst part. I have a friend who didn’t even make it through the prep part…she got violently ill. Now she has to be very careful of what they give her. The next time went much better.

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