What we often choose not to discuss…

While in IKEA a couple of weeks ago and while passing through the food section I spotted a bottle of blueberry drink concentrate, just bought it with no plan for what to do with it in mind (typical).  It has turned out to be really convenient to have because I get to go for my very first colonoscopy and endoscopy today, and yesterday I discovered the blueberry juice concentrate mixed with water adds some variation to my clear-liquid diet as part of the preparation for the procedures.  A dash of the concentrate in a glass of water provides a welcome change of taste and just made every thing seem a little less dull and inconvenient.

Inconvenient is the key word of the preparation for the whole event.  Although I am not of the age when a colonoscopy it typically done for the first time, I cannot imagine the sense in having someone undergo such a procedure upon turning 50. I mean, most people who’ve just turned the big 5-0 are probably feeling a bit old, and then they are told that they have to undergo a colonoscopy.  It’s as if to say, “It’s all downhill from here.”  I’m told that the actual procedure itself is no big deal, and I hope that that to be the case, but the experience of preparing for it is not fun—at all.  The liquid I’ve had to drink over the period of an hour, despite its lemon scent, starts out as rather unpleasant and by the end of the hour, I am practically gagging and forcing it down my throat.  Yesterday, I popped the DVD Finding Nemo in the DVD player to keep my son YM entertained during the process, and despite his absorption with the movie, he could not ignore my face twisted in agony as I finished the liquid and offered sympathetic words.  As I am on my second dose of the liquid at this writing, my husband has thankfully taken YM off to a class he had scheduled today so I can writhe in discomfort on my own for a bit without having to maintain my composure.  Yesterday,  in between rushing off to the toilet yesterday I had to rescue Phinney, one of our arthritic 19-year old cats, from YM at various intervals.  This made everything more difficult for me, so at least today I get a little reprieve.  I look forward to getting the whole procedure done with later today, and I hope it is the last time I have to do it for a long time.  Unfortunately, the doctor’s assistant, a knitting addict herself (she’s been to more local yarn stores than I have), assured me that there will be no opportunity to knit while there.  I think having the opportunity to knit should be part of the whole thing.  Don’t you?  I think it could actually make it all worthwhile for me.


3 thoughts on “What we often choose not to discuss…

  1. I hope it’s over and done with by now.

    My mother had this done a couple of years ago and said it wasn’t a big deal. The worst part was the at home prep before hand.

    Good luck!

  2. oh, hugs, i hope you get through with it soon and never have to deal with it again.
    indeed too bad you can’t knit through it all. if only knitting can be prescribed by professionals!

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