Still waiting….

I’ve been working on a February Baby Sweater for my daughter, Miss Rose (not her real name), and after having gotten only as far as the collar, ripped it out and knit it again.  This has happened 3 or 4 times, but it is finally showing signs of becoming an actual garment as I am making some progress, so I feel I it is blogworthy.  Well, I guess it would have been blogworthy from it’s inception, but it seemed pointless to blog about it because until a few days ago I really didn’t know if I would get anywhere with it.  The yarn is King Tut, which is a beautiful worsted weight mercerized cotton I’ve had hanging around since about 1990.  The only thing that really bugs me about the yarn is that the skeins are so small (66 yards/60 meters) that I am only half way through the body of the cardigan for a toddler and I’ve used 4 skeins to get there!  I’ve had to adapt the pattern to fit Miss Rose, whom we have yet to meet, but we do have monthly health updates on her, so I am able to approximate how it will fit her.  Or, at least I hope it will fit her.

On that note, we’ve received word that my fingerprint scans were found to be unacceptable, so now I have obtain police clearance for every jurisdiction I’ve lived in for the past 5 years.  Luckily, I’ve only moved twice in Washington State during that time, so yesterday afternoon my son, Young Man, and I set out to police headquarters for the two city jurisdictions that apply.  With those successfully out of the way, I now have to obtain clearance at the state level.  The whole fingerprint thing boggles my mind.  When I went for fingerprint scans the second time, the Homeland Security agent who scanned me told me that it is the vertical lines that cut across my fingerprints that they don’t like.  And my question is:  If the lines are there, as they’ve been for many years, don’t they comprise my fingerprints?  My other question is:  If a government agency has spent probably millions of dollars on such high-tech machines, but they produce such unsatisfactory results so often, then shouldn’t those machines be scrapped?  So the process of adopting Miss Rose (almost a year old) gets pushed back further.  And we all wait.

We awakened to a relieving rainfall this morning. This has to be the driest and warmest June around here, a month that is notorious for chilling temps and October-like conditions.  Let’s see, the peonies came and went back in May (I think they usually bloom in June), the dahlias are already in bloom (they usually bloom in August), and the lavender is ready to bloom (this variety doesn’t usually bloom until July).  Of course, this is after a late spring, in which the bulbs bloomed a month late.

Lavender buds heavy with rain.


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