I thought it would be nice to make another pair of fingerless gloves for my mother to replace one of the pairs I’d made for her that she lost on a trip.  I’d kept her waiting long enough and I was feeling guilty knowing that she was down to only one pair now. So I started Wine and Roses Mitts from Interweave Knits (Winter 2006 issue) on April 1 but it took a good 10 consecutive days of knitting just to get gauge. I often have a problem getting gauge and it’s hard to say why, but this was by far the worst it’s ever been for me. If it weren’t for the fact that someone else on Ravelry had used the same yarn for Wine and Roses, I would have given up and either found a different project for the yarn or different yarn for the project.

What were the needles was I working with? I started with U.S. 2 (gauge turned out too big), went to U.S. 1 (still too big), went to U.S. 0 (still too big), went to U.S. 00/1.75 mm (way too small), back to U.S. 0 (now too small), to U.S. 1 (too small) and back to U.S. 2 (too big). I don’t know, maybe I was just too preoccupied or something to get good gauge. So I went all the way back down the numbers of needles, down to U.S. 00 again, and finally settled on U.S. 0/ 2mm. Sheesh!  I’m almost done with the first one and they fit me nicely, which means they’ll fit her loosely and the way she likes them so that she can keep her arthritic hands lightly warm when she sleeps.

I have a new side-line:  website (it’s really a blog) administrator for my high school graduating class.  I decided that we needed someplace people could go to for information for our reunion this summer.  Somehow, I ended up on the planning committtee for the reunion (my second reunion to help plan), which is really funny given the fact that I was among the least popular (maybe a better description is that I just didn’t get in anybody’s radar, so I was invisible) and most introverted of my 400+ classmates, and I had no social ties with any of these people.   No, I didn’t come from the neighborhood of the more popular kids, my parents weren’t members of any clubs, and being the child of divorce, I never had the chance to maintain ties with any classmates through the summer because I spent my summers visiting my father and family in New England.  I know, “poor little me,” but at the time, going to New England was something of a death sentence for me, even though I would now love it dearly to go there.  So here I am, recruited into the committee by the guy who cleans our gutters (a classmate I happened upon by accident one day), and running a website for the class and sounding all enthusiastic about the reunion to my fellow classmates, an apathetic generation.  It’s really funny, but I figure, if it’s some way to keep people connected, why not?  The downside is that the second blog was severely cutting into everything and every aspect of my life for the past month while I worked on getting it up to speed.  Hopefully, when the reunion is done, that blog can chill for a bit.


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