Lili’s Nantucket Jacket is nearing conclusion and I look forward to adding it to my wardrobe.  While green tweed is not a colorway I might have selected for the project if I’d bought the yarn today, being close at hand from my stash it was the ideal candidate, and the tweed is subtle enough that it’s barely noticeable.  It turns out that I love this yarn. Knitaly (Ravelry link) by Lane Borgosesia has a durable feel to it and a wonderful softness at the same time.  So why was it discontinued? Beats me.

Dinner last night was risotto with prosciutto and peas, which is always a big hit with my son, but not so hot with his visiting playmate.

I used the recipe, Simple Risotto with Prosciutto and Peas from Real Simple magazine, the September 2006 issue, in which there was section on 6 basic recipes with enough changes to get 30 different meals out of. This risotto recipe is fantastic and amazingly easy. It never comes out soupy, dry, or mushy, but al dente as it should be.


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