I have Melissa to thank.

Thank you, Melissa!

It went like this: last November I read the super eggplant post for Novemeber 17, in which Mariko (maybe I have Mariko to thank—it’s funny how things often lead back to Mariko—why is that?) referred to her friend Melissa as “baby adopter Melissa,” so I clicked on that link and that lead me to Melissa’s blog All Buttoned Up, specifically to the post “Five,” and I was really touched. Having adopted our son, I could relate. The next day the adoption agency we used called to tell us our son has a baby sister available for adoption, and suddenly someone else’s reality became our reality.  A couple of days ago we got the call telling us that we are accepted back into the program, and we’re off and running. We have spent much of the past 48 hours in absolute heaven with the realization that we will be bringing brother and sister together. We’ve emailed an announcement with photos to probably everyone in our address book. Our son is thrilled.  People are tickled pink.  Literally. Neighbors are planning a baby shower. And for good reason: we’d given away all of our baby stuff as our son grew thinking that we would have the one child.  All the onsies, the babystroller, the bouncer (cutest hand-me-down-ever that it was), the playpen, the crib (well, we borrowed that anyway), and we dumped the carseat. Gone. Luckily I still have our Ergo. That cute little shirt I spotted in the girl’s department at Target last week better still be on the rack, because I’m buying it. And I’m facing that question again, “Cloth or disposable?” What seemed unlikely is real.  Next, we have more paperwork to complete, and then we wait for a few months for that phone call giving us short notice for one of us to fly to Korea.  Probably me.  The waiting is the hard part.  No wonder why I can’t sleep tonight [it was about 2 a.m. when I wrote this]. Stay tuned. In the meantime, there’s always knitting.


4 thoughts on “I have Melissa to thank.

  1. i’ve followed melissa’s blog too, from their first adoption through to their newest addition to the family. it’s touching and so inspiring to hear that story echoed in your life too. hang in there – and there’s never a lack of baby knit patterns drifting around 😉

  2. Wow, I am behind, but I couldn’t not congratulate you!! That is some very exciting news. Lots of good luck and I’ll be waiting to hear more about what come next 🙂

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