Let’s just paste this on the hips…

Have you noticed that my posts are more about food these days than anything else?  I guess you could say I’m feeling deprived right now, but I ordered this huge 1-pound jar of Bob’s Sugarhouse (www.mainemaplesyrup.com) Maple Cream Butter a few weeks ago before I knew that I would be giving-up sugar for two weeks, and it arrived like a godsend on a day when I was feeling weak (such a wimp).  I treat myself to a spoonful every now and then, since it’s too good to go on toast or anything else you can think of.

Maybe you don’t like maple-flavored things much, but maybe you have not tried real maple products from northeastern North America, and I think the stuff from this area is the caviar of the maple world.  Really.  You know I can be quite chatty about the most ridiculous stuff, but let me wax on about Bob’s Sugarhouse Maple Cream Butter a little more.  It’s amazing. It’s slightly grainy, but as soon as it hits your tongue it liquifies into something dreamy.  It’s pure maple, but it leaves a buttery aftertaste causing you to re-examine the ingredients for dairy products or other additives. The best quality maple product (syrup, cream, candies) doesn’t taste so maply that it tastes like maple, the best stuff has a light, pleasing maple taste that makes you want more.  I want more.  Thank you, Bob’s, for this timely deilvery.

Another sweet fave of mine is my jar (I’m very possessive of my splurges, and I don’t share them with anyone) of Airborne New Zealand Rata honey that I bought on a trip to the Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island (just west of Seattle). I don’t know anything about a rata plant, and I don’t need to, because this is good stuff. I’m always buying jars of honey and I don’t know why because I don’t usually like it, besides it’s usually just too cloyingly sweet. But Rata honey is really nice, it has a slightly whipped consistency, and has a light honey flavor that doesn’t coat your tongue and make you want to run for a bag of salted potato chips. I also have a jar of New Zealand Kamahi honey also from Airborne, and it is a lot sweeter, but it has a smokey flavor to it.

I could go on more about my indulgences, like my morning fave of Vegemite on toast with butter, or my love of freeze dried mangosteen from Trader Joe’s, but I suppose you’ve had enough for now.

The 7′ of work I’ve done on Nantucket Jacket was frogged yesterday because it was just too big. It’s odd that the pattern offers making a 34” size and a 36” size, and then jumps way up to a 41.5” size; that’s just a ridiculously huge jump in size. So I’m going to have to figure out how to customize it somehow. I hope to be able to add enough to the bust-shaping so that it’ll fit me without looking absurdly loose everywhere else. So I’ve cast on for a 36” size hoping that it’ll become clear to me how to add enough stitches in the bust-shaping, but without a noticeable change in the stitch pattern. On the other hand, if I keep indulging in alternative sweets, I’ll need to frog the size 36 and cast on again for the 41.5.

Still to come: I’ve been to the used book store lately and have come away with two needlework books that offer some decent sections on knitting and crocheting, with some fun and different stitch patterns. I will post about these later.


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