The mandarinquats are in!

What?  You ask.  I came across these in Trader Joe’s last February and thought I’d try something different.  I bought one package of the fig-sized fruit, fell in love, went back for more only to find they were gone for the season. Lately I’ve been scanning the produce section of the local Trader Joe’s and today I was rewarded with my long-lost loves; I came home with 5 packages.  If you’re not into a highly tangy and citrusy flavor, then they aren’t for you, but I find them addictive and with my current sugar-free diet, I need something to satisfy my taste-buds.  They’re just beautiful too, and highly photogenic, I think.  I guess photogenic wouldn’t apply to inanimate objects, but you get the idea.

Can you tell how juicy they are?

Others have waxed poetic of mandarinquats, and it’s all true; they are worthy of their aficionados.  I want to candy them like Muffin Top has, but wouldn’t that be torture to candy them and then be told that I can never eat sugar again and have them all sitting there in my kitchen staring at me because they could’ve been eaten un-candied?  The horror.


2 thoughts on “The mandarinquats are in!

  1. Wow, those are sooo cool! I have never seen them before. I bet my bf would love them, especially if they are really juicy.

    Getting back to you again re: email issue…the problem is that I don’t have that hotmail account anymore. My current email is ccs1377ATgmailDOTcom. It’s weird that wordpress is trying to send things to my hotmail account, because I have to type in my name, current email address, and blog site everytime I leave someone a comment on a wordpress blog (i.e. it doesn’t appear to save my old info). Very weird.

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