Welcoming a new year!

Written by Lydia

Today’s post opens with my latest finished object, Veste Croisée, which I finished knitting on December 31, but hadn’t been able to post about until now because my son and I celebrated the changing of the year with a good dose of stomach flu.  After days of laundry and sprinkling baking soda on the strategic smelly spots of carpeting throughout the house (anyone with children will understand this), we are doing well and I have just completed the final finishing touches to the sweater.  It has been blocked, and I have sewn on the button, added the button-loop and ties at key points according to pattern suggestions, and it is a done deal.

The sleeves took a lot longer to finish than I thought because they are longer than a typical sleeve:  most sleeves join at the top of the shoulder where they meet the joining of the front and back panels, but Veste Croisée sleeves extend up the shoulder and between the front and back panels to meet with the collar (also known as “saddle shoulder” sleeves), so they went on forever to knit.

It’s a very different style of sweater, but I like it for that. I am very happy with it, and like the look of it so much, I might just have to make another in a slightly heavier yarn. It’s interesting that the two consecutive sweater jackets I have made are both very similar in the front: both Cabled Coat and Veste Croisée have extra fabric that drapes down the front. Maybe I’m in a break-the-mold kind of mood these days in my knitting that I chose designs out of the ordinary.

It’s a very easy pattern, being about 80% stockinette, and with rest of it in garter stitch for the edging. The combined yarns used are of a very fine quality and are very comfortable to wear against the skin, lacking any itchiness whatsoever.

Pattern: Veste Croisée by La Droguerie (in French, and available only with purchase of relevant pattern yarn)
Yarns: Alpaga and Plumette, both from La Droguerie, Paris, Ile-de-France
Button source: La Droguerie
Needles: 4.5 mm/US 7

I’m looking forward to life as normal for while, since it was a crazy holiday season with the wild weather here, causing the repeated re-scheduling of the family Christmas dinner. No one could to get to our neighborhood until December 28 because the softening snow had made our driveway impassable to every vehicle (we just had more than 2-week’s worth of recycling removed). So instead of beef tenderloin that night, the three of us dined on shrimp fried rice, which I hadn’t made in many years. But we finally had our dinner on the 28th and it went very nicely, and maybe making us all wait so long for it made the beef tenderloin taste better than ever before.

Christmas dinner stand-in

Despite recent end-of-year rough spots, it was a good year especially given our trip to Europe that, if my sister hadn’t won it, we wouldn’t have made such a trip with our son for many years to come. But above all else, the best thing about 2008 was the recent unexpected news that our son, whom we adopted as an infant almost 4 years ago in South Korea, has an infant sister available for adoption. Suddenly, we find ourselves scrambling to get the necessary documentation in order so that we can hopefully be allowed to adopt her. We had often thought about adopting again, but never really moved on it. We’d also thought that maybe one child was a fair enough deal, and that we would raise our son as an only child, but when we found about his sister, we knew that we were meant to try our best to bring her home. If all goes in our favor, we look forward to bringing home a baby girl in 2009. Maybe there will be some knitting projects to do for her….hmmm.

Well, gotta go now, I have Christmas cards to send, since the long-awaited order of our picture-cards was delayed by ice, snow and slush, arriving on December 30th instead (it was due to arrive Dec. 19).


11 thoughts on “Welcoming a new year!

  1. I had no idea that such gorgeous sweaters could be done by hand. WOW!!! This is nice. I think a matching sweater for new baby sister would also be nice!! Those sweaters/jackets must take so long to knit though. I have carpal tunnel and had the surgery, but still cant use my hands for very long, so I am envious of your talent and ability;~))

  2. What a gorgeous sweater jacket!

    I do hope your adoption gets finished quickly. The process can be tedious and fraught with emotional upheavals.

    Have a lovely New Year–it seems to be getting off to a good start!

  3. Your sweater jacket is gorgeous!! Looks like it is very comfortable:)

    I think we both were sick at the same time with that awful stomach flu…very potent bug. Now I’m glad we are all over it…no one escaped in my house.

    What wonderful news about your son’s sister!! Good luck getting everything you need to do to bring her home. Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

    A very happy New Year to you indeed 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this pattern – did you buy the yarn in person or can it be ordered through the mail? I would love to have the pattern and would buy the yarn online, if possible. Please let me know. I have a friend who would love this and her birthday is coming up.


  5. You have done so lovely Veste Croisee. I found your blog throgh Ravelry. Where did you get the pattern? Would it be possible to get it through you by email or something? I have been looking patterns for this kind of jackets and find nothing as this beautiful. And now I can\’t find other ways to get the pattern than travelling to paris and that shop…

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