Desperate Housewife

I did it! I made a break for it yesterday and finally got out of the neighborhood! It required a little work beforehand: I cleared 75 feet of snow and ice down to the pavement for one set of tires to run through at the steepest part of the 1/4-mile long uphill driveway. The car easily made it’s way past the cars my neighbors had abandoned at the lower end of the driveway. With no babysitter able to get to my house, I packed my son up, along with provisions in case we got stuck somewhere, and I made the trip to downtown Seattle (almost 20 miles) without snow tires, studded tires or chains. The front-wheel drive Prius handled quite well on what can only be described as off-road driving in many instances, because Denny Street in the heart of downtown had 4″-5″ high ruts created by the combination of snow, ice, and tire chains. My son had quite a good time laughing his way through all the bumps. Parking was scarce because everyone wanted to park in the parking lots because they were more accessible than street parking, and it took me 25 minutes just to find a parking spot, so I arrived 15-minutes late for my hair appointment. My son and I were relieved to get out of the house and we went grocery shopping on the way home.

After a long delay caused by winter weather, it looks like we’re on our way to Christmas. Despite a heavy snowfall this morning, it’s lightly raining now, so hopefully we’ll be able to have everyone here for Christmas. My son’s 12″ bicycle arrived yesterday. Now that I have my groceries, I’ve begun prepping the meal for tomorrow. I was trying to reduce some balsamic vinegar to a syrup and got busy reading to my son and forgot about the vinegar; what a stinky, crusty, black mess that turned out to be, but my second attempt went fine. Hopefully I won’t burn anything else, but then I am a kitchen klutz, so who knows what will happen.

I finished the scarf for my mom with the yarn she selected from a sewing supplies/knitting supplies/underwear store on Corso Roma in Montecatini Terme, Italy.

Yarn:  Andromeda by Lana Gatto
Pattern: just garter stitch until desired length
Needles: US 11/8.0 mm

I’m almost done with Veste Croisée, and am just finishing-up the sleeves. It’s coming along nicely and my pattern translation from French seems fairly accurate. If it all comes together nicely, I might email La Droguerie the pattern and they can have someone test it out and hopefully make it available for any other non-French speaking knitters, that is, if they can find someone to read my English email, since I don’t speak or write French.

Merry Christmas!


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