Day 4: Cabin Fever

Today marks the fourth day I have not left the confines my neighborhood. I haven’t driven anywhere due to an icy uphill drive and icy roads—nay, I haven’t been in a car in four days—and now the third round of our winter storm has hit in the form of a blizzard. Next year will mark 30 years since I first came to the Pacific Northwest and I have never seen such a storm in the Seattle metropolitan area. I have not seen weather like this since I lived in Minnesota. Crazy. Blowing and drifting. Crazy.

You know cabin fever has set in when my son and I greeted my husband with eager anticipation when he came home from work yesterday (the boss and his four-wheel drive have been taking him to and from lately), tearing the grocery bag from his hands to inspect its contents as if it was Christmas already. Luckily his office is near a supermarket and I sent him shopping before he came home.

Frost glinting in the morning sun on a frozen squash on my neighbor's fence post.

You know cabin fever has set in when the birthday party for the 3-year old a few houses down becomes more of a social hour for the parents; all of us sticking around much longer than we would otherwise. Where else could we go?

I keep myself entertained though. I think I ticked-off one of my sisters-in-law today via email when I told her I was sending two books for her 5-year old daughter instead of the iTunes gift card her mom requested (the 5-year old has her own iPod Touch). It’s okay, I told my sister-in-law that she is welcome to return the books and get what my niece wants. I only meant well, figuring that it’s more fun to actually open a gift than to open a gift card when you’re very little. And then my mom got annoyed with me because I didn’t call her to tell her we wouldn’t be accepting her open invitation for dinner at her place tonight—I fell asleep. So much for joyful family relations during the holiday season. Sigh.

Cabin fever and annoying relatives aside, I have some knitting for you.

Esme brim using Manos from my stash, how it looked this afternoon, now it's halfway done (no picture yet).

Mom's Christmas scarf, garter stitch, yarn from Italy trip, half done.

To close, hope for the future—

Morning on the snowy woodland: after today the days start getting longer again....I can't wait.

Somebody get me some chocolate…..please.


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