These days of cold….

We don’t get out much these days between biting cold weather, occasional icy roads, school closures and snow.  We finally got our big snow storm early this morning and we did our sledding and made a snow angel.

We finally got a Christmas tree last weekend and we’re pretty much done decorating it.  Because it’s been so cold, we opted for a pre-cut tree from a nearby tree farm rather than trek out into the field to cut it ourselves.  I know, we’re wimps.

It's so cold the cats spend a lot of time in front of the gas heater.

I used the tree decorating as a photo opp for socks that I made 3 years ago with yarn I bought on a trip to Newport, Oregon earlier that year.

Why am I showing them now?  Because I didn’t have a blog then (although I wanted one) and I rarely wear them because they don’t fit in my everyday shoes, and if they did, they’d be a little more wild that I’d like to be seen in for normal, everyday wear.  So I was wearing them and thought I’d give them some attention.  The pattern is Whitby from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road.  I don’t remember much about the yarn except that it is Socks That Rock and it’s pretty thick stuff; it may be STR’s heavyweight yarn, and don’t quote me, but I think the colorway is “Blarney Stone”.

I wound a couple more balls of the Orenburg yarn for Grand Duchess and, interestingly enough, as I suspected some of the skeins partially felted when I dyed them last August.  I say partially, because the strands of mohair had partially locked together, but I was  able to gently tease them apart.  All the skeins went into the bath together and I stirred them, but I can only imagine that what happened is that some of the skeins got stirred more than others, resulting in the partial felting.  The difference can be seen when the two skeins I wound are side-by-side.

The partially felted ball is on the right, and you can see it has more of a halo from fuzzy mohair.

With the cold weather I’ve found that I’ve misplaced one of my knitted hats and I thought I had some mittens I’d made around here….but I can’t seem to find them. And then, when I was rummaging around in my closet for my hat, I misplaced the other pair of socks I’d knitted (a few years ago) that I was going to wear…and, well, I guess that means I’ll be knitting at least one new hat really fast.

I have four skeins of Manos del Uruguay in solid cornflower sitting around that I still don’t know what to do with, so I’ll use one of them to make Esme from the Winter 2008/Issue 4 edition of The Inside Loop; I searched it out through Ravelry’s pattern search (what a modern miracle that is!).  I have four skeins of Manos because I had a gift certificate for Pastimes Yarns And Sitting Room in Kent, Washington, and no sooner did I get it than the store decided to close (about four years ago), causing about 100 or so yarn devotees to rush down (we had very short notice) to stand in line for hours to use up our gift certificates and store credit along with everyone else looking for a great deal.  I bought the skeins and a few other yarns with no pattern in mind, and by the time I got there, the pickings were slim. Who knows what I’ll do with the remaining skeins, but how handy to have them hanging around so that I can make a new hat!


One thought on “These days of cold….

  1. Great pictures! I am so far having fun with the snow – not loving the impending windstorms and power outages that we are suppose to be expecting! I’m glad that your having fun and wish you well!

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