Out and About

(I tried to post this on my phone last Saturday, but for some reason the WordPress app. for my iPhone was acting-up and wouldn’t let me post it after I’d written the whole thing.  These apps. that developers create for iPhone seem to be a bit unstable to varying degrees, and it just makes getting things done on the device kind of unpredictable (think: roll of the dice). I was relying on my phone to post because we had to erase everything off of my Mac and re-load it all, and so I couldn’t use my Mac until recently. So here I am a few days after my intended post date, re-typing (because iPhone doesn’t do cut and paste or copy!) the post onto my Mac and finally posting from my Mac instead of my iPhone, which was supposed to be my back-up for posting.  Go figure!  And then while trying to post from my Mac a couple of days ago, WordPress was acting-up and wouldn’t let me post again!  It just goes to show that the very devices that are supposed to make our lives easier, just make it harder to accomplish much.  So here’s my post.)

We were out and about Saturday doing a few errands, which included going back to the Genius Bar at Apple Store to out why my iPhone Calendar and Contacts weren’t syncing very well with my Mac.  And because we’re driving around, I have a hodge-podge of stuff to cover.

I saw a cute sweater at Nordstrom, in fact there were a lot of cute sweaters, all of them synthetic blends with great styling, but ridiculously overpriced for synthetic, even despite Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale prices.

Err, well, take my word for it, despite the photo this sweater coat looks cute.

While riding in the car during our errands and knitting Veste Croisee, I lost one of my stitch markers, so I made a new one using an emergency seatbelt cutter (there is a practical application for that otherwise useless stocking stuffer from Christmas past afterall!) and a plastic straw.

Just-made stitch marker.
New stitch marker in action.

We found the first Carl’s Jr.® we’ve seen in this state in North Renton, Renton Highlands to be specific, and my husband was beside himself with joy (apparently, it’s one of three in Washington State).  Recently opened, the place was packed.  We can only hope that an In-N-Out Burger will soon follow suit.

We wrapped-up our drive with a stop at Newcastle’s best kept secret, Sweet Decadence Chocolates, which opened earlier this year in a storefront in an office building on Newcastle Way. Located just off Coal Creek Parkway and a couple of miles south of Factoria, this place is worth seeking. Although I will succumb to Milky Way bars and Junior Mints I am a chocolate snob, and often avoid such small start-up chocolatiers around here, because honestly, many of them just don’t understand good quality. Sweet Decadence is an exception, and my second visit proves that it’s worth visiting. In the ten minutes I was there, there was a steady trickle of regulars and the two women behind the counter were very enthusiastic about their product. Heck, their kitchen is covered in granite countertops. I think they’re serious about their product, don’t you? I came away with truffles flavored with port, raspberry, blackberry, pumpkin spice, and my new favorite, raspberry with habanero. If you ever find yourself on Coal Creek Parkway, stop in for some chocolate to sweeten your drive.


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