Trip Plunder

I’m finally posting some pictures of the knitting stuff I bought during my trip to Europe.

Two-100 gr./1250 m. skeins of Cento Undici by Sandilane SAS, 100% washable merino wool, 2-ply in antique rose.

Four-50 gr./90 m. skeins of Opale by Adriafil, 47% acrylic, 36% mohair, 17% wool, colorway 90.

Three-50 gr./70 m. skeins of Andromeda by Lana Gatto, 50% acrylic, 26% polyester, 22% mohair, 2% lamé.

I believe these buttons are horn with plastic shanks: one 30 mm. and eight 18 mm.

Four 27 mm. buttons with abalone shell tops and one 34 mm. button that looks like it has birdseye maple encased in plastic.

I bought this 30 mm. pewter button at La Droguerie in Paris for Veste Croisée.

Whew! Of course, not pictured here is the alpaca and mohair yarns bought for Veste Croisée.  After I bought all of that Cento Undici, I thought I’d overdone it, figuring that one skein would have been sufficient for a nice lace shawl, and I wondered what would do with the extra 1250 m. skein. But then my copy of Nancy Bush’s new book Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions arrived and then I remembered that along with my copy of Victorian Lace Today and my Ravelry queue I’d have plenty of options to use all 2500 m.  I’m really looking forward to knitting something with it, but it won’t be until next year and until I get some other projects done.  As for the Opale, I thought I could make a fun simple scarf with it, and the Andromeda is for my mother, who fell in love with it the last day we were in Montecatini Terme, Italy, and asked that I make her a scarf of it for Christmas.  Other than the pewter button for Veste Croisée, the other buttons I bought just to have on hand for future projects.  Actually, the few times I was around buttons, were more tempting to me than the yarns because the buttons were amazing, although they were pricey.  Afterall, I have plenty of yarn in my stash, so I was relieved that I came away with as little as I did. I guess having a yarn stash makes up for all the times I didn’t knit because I couldn’t afford most yarn for large projects (and wasn’t really into scarves—i.e., back then I thought to “really” knit I had to make sweaters—and didn’t know how to make mittens and socks yet).


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