It’s Boys’ Night Out…

Meaning that my husband took our son out for their monthly evening out to: Red Robin and Apple Store to play with any devices our son can get his hands on. And that would mean that I take myself out to dinner. Usually Japanese. Probably with raw fish in it. Yum. But instead, I find myself holed-up in front of the computer with the two girl cats, Olivia and Phinney awaiting they’re next opportunity to sit in my lap (Zephyr, the male cat has also taken his leave for the evening and gone out to risk life and limb to roam the woods among the wild things).

I’m looking at old pictures. Being officially fall now, I recall my last trip to Washington D.C. in October 2003 and visiting Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market where I saw these beautiful pumpkin bouquets.

It was easily one of the best farmers’ markets I’d ever been to.

And then I found some more pictures I took on that trip.

Mini pumpkins over an Alexandria, VA door.

Cute or what? She lives in a D.C. museum.

The longest escalators I'd ever seen. These are in the D.C. subway system and they are so long, they freaked me out.


2 thoughts on “It’s Boys’ Night Out…

  1. Was this the escalator right near the farmer’s market? If so, I rode the same one a couple of years ago. I just got vertigo again thinking about it! (And yes, wasn’t that a great market???)

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