Raid on Antibes*

Finally got my Mac back after the techs at Apple had their hands on it for some warranty work, and now I can access my pictures from the trip to Europe.

My knitting traveling companions were Bird’s Eye Shawl and Kusha Kusha Scarf, which I cast on for during the trip. I worked on Bird’s Eye for much of the first week, and then cast on for Kusha Kusha toward the end of the first week (during a day trip to Volterra, Italy). Taking lace on a touring trip is probably not the best idea and I knew it going in, but I didn’t have anything else easier and as small to carry, so Bird’s Eye was the primary candidate, and it turned out to be a lifesaver for the flight to Europe because I ended-up in a seat with a non-functioning personal video screen, and a non-functioning light, so it was Bird’s Eye for much of the 9-hour flight (I had a little clip-on LED book light to use to see with). Luckily I brought everything for Kusha Kusha, as that was definitely the better project for touring with.

Kusha Kusha in Antibes, France

Antibes looks much better without knitting in front of it. No?

Do you think the guy with the really big boat is worried about global warming and the price of gas?

Jolly Jail Birds

I couldn’t resist this picture. They were penned-up in this cage in front of a shop along Voie Georges Pompidou in Paris. By the way, how do you know which bank is Left Bank and which is the Right Bank in Paris? From what perspective are they left and right?

By the way, my apologies for claiming that there was a Beard Papa in Portland, Oregon, if that sent anyone else scurrying for information on the locale as it did Super Eggplant blogger Mariko. For some reason I thought I’d been told that there was one there. However, despite her dismay in finding no Beard Papa to be had in her town, Mariko informed me that Beard Papa’s website states that there will be a Beard Papa in Lynnwood, Washington in November in addition to the one in Seattle’s Uwajimaya. Parking shouldn’t be a problem, which is good because my husband still owes me my meter money stash.

*Not to be confused with the Peter Finch film, Raid on Entebbe, and this sort of play on names assumes the mispronunciation of Antibes. Sorry.


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