My Mac is out of wack.

We took my Mac to see the genuises at the Apple Store Genius Bar today and they said they’d get it back to us in about 5 days! Little do they know, but all of my pictures are on the Mac and I have some posts to write. I’ll have to get creative about posting without my computer, so I’m posting from my iPhone using the WordPress app. and the Camera Bag app.

We had lunch at Blue C Sushi today (“McBlueCSushi”), which seemed pretty darn good after not having Asian food for a few weeks; it’s a belted sushi place that serves mostly cooked Japanese food. This picture is lunch at Blue C today using Camera Bag’s “Cinema” photo setting.

The next photo, using the phone’s built-in camera app., is of my newest project, La Droguerie’s “Veste Croisée” (“Folded Crossed* Jacket”, according to my French dictionary, which suits the final product’s design) in La Droguerie’s house yarns of Alpaca and Plumette (70% super kid mohair, 30% polyamide), both in an aubergine shade. This the first 6 cm of the sweater in the dreamiest of yarn—sooo luxuriously soft. I translated the pattern easily using a French dictionary and Chez Plum’s French Knitting Dictionary. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and we’ll see if it ends up with eight arms and three collars!

*[Update:  er, according to my French dictionary croisé can mean folded or crossed, but that croisée means crossing–hey, I was jet-lagged when I translated it, and besides, I don’t speak French.]


4 thoughts on “My Mac is out of wack.

  1. Oh, that looks stunning! Wish I could run my hand over it!

    Thanks for the compliments on Triinu…and no, I don’t need any more WIPs, thank you very much 🙂

  2. Good luck with your Mac. I had the same experience with the Apple store; they kept my Mac for a week and did nothing more than I could have done myself at home, mainly running diagnostics. Good for you for managing to post anyway!

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