Lunch in Paris

We are in Paris: ate lunch at Au Pied de Cochon ( I had mussels prepared Provençal style and they were amazing! They gave us these cute little meringue piggies after creme brûlée for dessert; it’s the only picture of our lunch, since we were such little piggies.

Went to La Droguerie before lunch (it’s right around the corner from Au Pied de Cochon)—the Paris yarn place—loved it.  Bought a project; couldn’t resist.  La Droguerie sells only house yarns and they are displayed as hanging hanks along the walls, so it’s a bit limited in yarn diversity, but it sells a gazillion buttons and beads and tons of amazing ribbons and the guy who helped me get my order started told me they carry over 100 different shades of alpaca to choose from.  I picked the project of choice from one displayed, then picked the shade of alpaca I wanted it in and he selected the accompanying mohair yarn for it. Waited for them to “prepare” it because you don’t just pick the skeins of yarn and buy it, instead they are kept in back somewhere and wound it off to order there.  So I waited with the small crowd awaiting their orders by the cashier who sits in a glass booth.  I guess some knitters resort to violence when their projects don’t arrive in a timely manner?!  Just kidding.  There was a camraderie among the group of customers around the cashier, that added to the whole experience—to be part of a group in different country connected by the love of crafting—and they like the sample sweater on my when I tried it on.  Wonderful store and it seems enough of the staff were able to help me using English, thank goodness, since I can’t speak more than a few words in French.  After waiting about 15 minutes, voilà!!  My project arrived in the form of four large balls of the two different yarns wound together (sort of like a 2-ply—sorry, I don’t spin so I don’t know the right term) in a bag with the relevant pattern (in French, of course, but it’s all stockinette stitch so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out).  Unfortunately, you can’t buy the shop patterns without buying the yarn for the project, so I had to lust after another project from afar.  But I did buy a book of accessories to knit in French, Mes Accessoires Signés: La Droguerie, but something tells me it won’t be sitting on the shelf with the Japanese pattern books awaiting the translation that’ll never happen, as I may be able to translate the French.

We’ve eaten our piggies and must go. Au revoir!


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