Cables, man.

I can’t believe I am within 3″ of finishing the Cabled Coat! I don’t know if I dare say that I’ll have it done this three day Labor Day weekend. After all, you will recall that I’ve given projections for finishing it before, and then realized I’d made some silly error and had to rip back as much as 10″ of hard-fought work. But I think I may actually get it done—soon. I’m using my WordPress blogging application on my iPhone for the first time, which includes the ability to load pictures directly from the phone, but it places pictures at the bottom of the post, so that is where you can see a picture of the collar in progress.  By the way, it took a year for Apple to make iPhone a truly useful device when it opened-up its phone to third party software earlier this summer, and now with all of the handy applications out there such as this WordPress blogging application, I can say that I don’t miss my old Treo so much anymore.

Finishing is contingent upon how much car-riding time I get, of course, and I got some good riding in as we drove to Rick Steves’ Europe Through The Back Door store/office in Edmonds to see what was there for our upcoming trip. We’ve been taking our son on long car trips to get him used to sitting for similar rides in Europe.

While at Rick Steves’ I safely steered myself from breaking our pre-trip budget by not visiting Spin A Yarn across the street. Rather, we timed our Edmonds trip during the local farmers’ market where we found a bite to eat: I had a wonderful meatball sandwich (also known as a grinder) from a vendor who comes from just outside of Assisi.

Then there was the family dinner we had at a Korean restaurant all the way down in Federal Way. We picked-up my skates from the skate repair guy in the south Everett area earlier in the day. Distances like these are best accomplished with an eye on economy, so we used the Prius, as we do during all of our family drives, unfortunately we won’t have that capability in Europe.


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