So close, and yet so far….

I came within 8″ of finishing Cabled Coat over the weekend, then realized that I had left out an element of the stitch pattern which is found everywhere on the coat, and which I’d included at the beginning of the collar.  I ripped about 10″ of work the other day.  Silly mistake, and a clear sign that I am rushing to get it done.  Serves me right.

That wasn’t the only in a string of calamities that have befallen me on this project, because last week I also broke the Knit Picks Harmony circular needle I’ve been using for Cabled Coat.  I stepped on it.  Wooden needles aren’t meant to be stepped on, in case you didn’t know.  Actually, what happened, was that my knitting was on the floor at my feet, and I stood up right on them.  Poor pretty dears never had a chance.  I think I heard faint wail as knitting needles around the world empathized with my needles.  So I ordered another set of needle tips for my circular.  They came a couple of days ago, and I was relieved because the clunky bamboo circular I was using was killing my knitting mojo.  And so it goes…


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