Anatomy of a Well-Made Sweater Coat

One day I visited my friend Pamela at work and stopped short when I saw her wearing this sweater. She bought this hand-knitted marvel at a consignment store for $5.00! At first, I couldn’t decide if it was the price tag that bowled me over or the quality of it. Either way, what a find! We think it’s 100% wool. I should be so lucky to make or buy such a beautiful sweater. And for $5.00! I have been admiring it for two years, so she handed it over to me for analysis. I present to you, Pamela’s Sweater Coat:

It has well-planned shaping.

Just enough herringbone stitch for visual interest.

Sewn-in tape for strengthening across shoulders.

Hand-stitched buttonholes.

Picot edging throughout (notice a different shade of yellow here).

Hand-stitched buttons (made around plastic rings).

I would like to make a copy of this well-designed knitting marvel, but I don’t have the time to sit there and measure it out and write it all down, so instead I admire it and wonder who made it and how it ended-up in a consignment store for $5.00.


6 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Well-Made Sweater Coat

  1. Wow that IS an amazing sweater coat. It was definitely made by a very experienced knitter. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    And to think your friend only paid $5 for it…it is worth so much more….

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