Ocean’s Shore

We pried ourselves out of town for a few days and found the ocean. I just love the ocean. The way it roars, demanding your attention, and continues to roar, beating thoughts of daily life out of your brain until all you hear is the ocean.

The weather was great and here are some of the things we did: went to the beach and played in the sand (well, our son played), flew a kite, ate blueberries, shellfish was eaten, chocolate chip cookies were baked and eaten, knitted. Okay, I did the knitting.

Being the Washington coast, the water was typically too rough and too cold to go swimming in.  In fact, the water was too cold to go up to my knees in, but it was a sweet retreat to put my feet in the water and feel the sand.

We rented a cottage at Seabrook, which we’d first investigated when we were in the area last year. They have these bicycles all over Seabrook, for residents and guests for exploring.

With my husband driving, I made good progress, and Cabled Coat is almost finished! I can’t believe I would ever be able to say that, but it’s true. I’m almost done with the sleeves and then I’ll knit the collar and sew it all together. It looks like it won’t be finished before the end of the month, but I came pretty close. I think I’ll have it done around the first week of August (notice my lack of commitment to a specific deadline—very me).  Here are the sleeves, in progress:


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