Making Progress

Sorry, no pictures today, just a quick note instead.

I finished one front panel for Cabled Coat this past weekend.

I also finished one front side of Rib Knitted Shrug. Riding in the car. On the way to a family dinner. Sitting on the side of I-90 because the Toyota Prius ran out of gas. Just short of the exit ramp. Why? Oh, because my husband was certain we had 10 more miles left on the residual fuel in the tank after the low fuel warning alarm sounded. Actually, he says there is about 50 miles available for a Prius when the alarm chimes, but he forgot that there were four of us in the car (we gave my mother a ride) so that we went through the residual faster and the alarm had sounded about 20 miles earlier. Normally, I’m the secondary alarm and this was the one time when I didn’t say, “Um, honey, do you think we should stop for gas?” Luckily we didn’t sit there long before my sister-in-law came to the rescue with gas, and since our son was taking a much needed nap in the back, I was able to finish that part of the shrug.

After two weeks spent carefully frogging Grand Duchess (a.k.a., Orenburg Shawl), I’ve resumed knitting.

“Bloggers are just friends we haven’t met.” – Luke Burbank, Too Beautiful To Live


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