Turkish Delights

My mother came back from her 8-week trip to Turkey and brought with her all sorts of fun stuff.

Having recently, um, misplaced one of the earrings she bought on her previous trip to Turkey, I asked if she could find me another pair, and although she didn’t find the same ones, she did find a pair of nicely crafted gold hoops.

You’d think that living in the land that gave birth to Starbucks, I’d have at least one Starbucks mug in my cabinet (not counting the Seoul and Korea insulated cups we have), but up till now I didn’t, so my mother gave me a Starbucks Bursa mug.

Then there’s the really nice cookbook, Contemporary Turkish Cuisine:

This is a wonderful book with tons of high-quality photos and tempting recipes, all of them in English and Turkish.

I’ve come to the conclusion that among the best gifts to bring back from another country is food. I love to savor tastes from other places.

From Haci Bekir the absolute best, the softest, the freshest walnut lokum I’ve ever had:

She also gave me the best baklava I’ve ever had; not too sweet, not goopy, but with lots of pistachios from Baklavaci Bayramoglu

Lastly, a pretty pendant from one of her good friends in Istanbul:


3 thoughts on “Turkish Delights

  1. All your Turkish Delights are wonderful. The sweet treats look absolutely delicious. I love baklava! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother 🙂

  2. Yum. All that food is so exotic and yummy looking! How lucky to have a globe trotting mom! What kind of espresso machine do yo have?

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