Something Different

I’ve been looking at YouTube a lot lately, and there are some really fun and interesting things to be found there. For instance, I did a search for “knitting” and one of the results was “Knitting Portuguese Style”. Well I had to check that out, and it turned-out to be rather interesting. If you suffer from problems with your wrists, this alternative method of knitting might hold a solution. Unfortunately, the volume is inaudible and the picture is a bit fuzzy on this one, but you’ll be able to get the idea:

I might just have to try it, just for the fun of learning something different and a more efficient method (I knit Continental style). I’m such a geek!

This one has nothing to do with knitting method, but it’s a cute video about a day in the life of an amigurumi:

Which answers my question: “Amigurumi are fun to crochet, but then, what do you do with them afterwards?” Make a video!


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